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We proved our customers with a large selection of ribbons, from logo ribbons, to rosette, neck and roll ribbons. If you are looking for quality ribbons for your next sporting event, pet show, parade, fair or academic event we can help you out. Please click here for a small sample of products.

These awards are not your typical trophies. These are rustic, outdoorsy and fun, reflecting the sport that they were produce for. Here at Badge Maker’s and Kelowna Engravers, we have inhouse first hand experience in producing custom amazing awards suited for our customers.  Please feel free to contact us at with your questions.

The world is made a better place with something so simple as a Thank you. This month we have been overwhelmed with many forms and gestures of Thank Yous and we would like to say thank you back to all our customers for support their local businesses and communities. We apricate it very much. The picture on the left is of some lapel pins and name badges made for some very happy customers at Vantage Living. For more information on lapel pins or name badges click here or contact us directly.  

A wall of recognition can be an admirable way of saying thank you. There are many different types of recognition wall styles, but when it comes down to it you need material and workmanship that is durable and most fitting. If you want to see a few examples click here.

This already purchased paddle had a coat of paint on it which gave the engraving a different look from the usual laser engraving straight onto wood. May sports equipment from Ping-Pong Paddles to baseball bats and balls can be engraved.  These are perfect ways to commemorate many years of practise and achievement in a sport and make a great thoughtful gift.

A great personalised gift for that person that has everything or you just don’t know what to get them.  It’s particle but also memorable because it can be personalized with something meaningful to the recipient.  All cork hot plates are laser engraved, please contact us for further details.

This elegant image memorial plaque was reversed engraved on acrylic with standoffs beftween the two layers of acrylic to give depth to the image. This can also be done with a wood backing for a different contrast. This layering technique is not only for memorial plaques, it can be for a dedication plaque, or for an aware. If you are interested in a floating plaque, please feel free to contact us

There are many different types of magnets from business card magnets, to custom die cut, to calendar, to real estate magnets and many more types. Calendar magnets can be used for sports teams, advertising or just even something as simple as a family picture. If you have any question about magnets please feel free at ask us on our contact page. 

This laser engraving on a wine barrel looks more like it was branded by a hot iron.  This “hot iron branding” technique gives the laser engraved object a deep rich look with less crisp edges, ideal for this type of application. 

Living in wine country, we are so lucky, it’s so beautiful being surrounded by vineyards here in the Okanagan. This local industry provides us with my aspects to engrave on, from their company name tags, desk plates, wine glasses, decanters, cork screw openers, sampler boards, and signage.  We are very fortunate to have such great customers.