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This was a heart felt gift and it’s meaning comes to life through the engraving. Customized laser engraving gives your gift that extra little something it needs and shows that you care. We engrave on leather, wood, metals, glass, plastics and more. For more clarification please feel free to contact us here to see how we can engrave your gift.

Leather is a unique material; it looks great on its own and even better once it has been personalized. These Leatherman keepers produced great contrast by engraving them.  The customer designed their very own monogram for a personal touch that is all their own.  Engraving leather has numerous variations, with different results, no leather is the same, no result is the same. If you are interested and have questions about your own leather project please feel free to contact us here to talk about it.  

 Kelowna Engravers offers branding services by laser engraving or rotary cutting your company logo onto your products. Logo recognition helps your product grow, add personality to your product and value. Laser engraving is a permanent form of marking. Click here for ideas. For more information give us a call 250-860-2223 or e-mail #Brandingyourproduct  

When a loved one passes it can be very hard. We can sometimes find comfort in having something with us that reminds us of the love we shared with them.  Here at Badge Maker’s and Kelowna Engravers we can engrave on many things to commemorate the one you love. Feel free to contact us to see if we can engrave on your items.  #memorialengraving

Simple but memorable gift idea. This custom wood engraved watch makes a great gift for any occasion, birthday, anniversary, wedding, Christmas, graduation and even valentine’s day. We typically engrave gold, silver, titanium, leather, plastics and wood, which has become very popular this last year. Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your engraving needs.

Don’t know what to get someone in your wedding party or do you want to thank someone for helping out on your big day.  Whatever you choose remember to get it personally engraved, it lets someone know that you care and makes that every day object something special and memorable. Badge Maker’s and Kelowna Engravers offers engraving on metals, example engraved knives, glass, example engraved wine glasses, wood, engraved cutting boards and much more. Check out our general engraving page for more ideas.

We proved our customers with a large selection of ribbons, from logo ribbons, to rosette, neck and roll ribbons. If you are looking for quality ribbons for your next sporting event, pet show, parade, fair or academic event we can help you out. Please click here for a small sample of products.

These awards are not your typical trophies. These are rustic, outdoorsy and fun, reflecting the sport that they were produce for. Here at Badge Maker’s and Kelowna Engravers, we have inhouse first hand experience in producing custom amazing awards suited for our customers.  Please feel free to contact us at with your questions.

The world is made a better place with something so simple as a Thank you. This month we have been overwhelmed with many forms and gestures of Thank Yous and we would like to say thank you back to all our customers for support their local businesses and communities. We apricate it very much. The picture on the left is of some lapel pins and name badges made for some very happy customers at Vantage Living. For more information on lapel pins or name badges click here or contact us directly.  

A wall of recognition can be an admirable way of saying thank you. There are many different types of recognition wall styles, but when it comes down to it you need material and workmanship that is durable and most fitting. If you want to see a few examples click here.