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Here at Kelowna Engravers we have been laser engraving glass for many years. I’ve always liked the feel of a glass trophies but getting consistent and uniform results is not always possible. When the glass surface heats up it blasts away and breaks off depending on the density of the glass, because of this you get different results. The Glass Trophies shown to the left have a laserable back coating that gives the trophies a consistent and outstanding finish.  

These glasses were engraved for a wedding but because they are beer mug they remind me of Oktoberfest and since it’s October, these beautifully engraved glass mugs are on display on our website.  You can personalize your glassware for weddings, gifts, company events, marketing or just for yourself. It’s a nice classic way to have a special date or company remembered. If you have any questions about engraving, please feel free to contact us at

Living in the Okanagan we are always hearing about our housing market and with thought in mind I though I would talk about some of our wood name badges we have been making for Wilden, one of the nature inspired Kelowna real estate housing developments.  These wood name tags are very popular not only because they are light weight and durable but they also provide a natural and rustic feel. For more examples of wood badges click here.

A couple of months ago I went for a walk up to Hardy Falls and came across some stainless steel signage done by Kelowna Engravers about 8 years ago, it was nice to see how well it was standing up to the elements. Our stainless steel plaques and signage are a great choice for durability and outdoor use. To see more stainless steel click here

We produced our 1 MILLIONTH name badge here at Badge Maker’s & Kelowna Engravers. Badge Maker’s has proudly been in business since 1972 and we want to thank our loyal customers which have made the last 40 plus years of business so productive. We look forward to working with you towards another milestone.  

Tax time is almost over but tax planning should be something that is thought about all year. With that in mind, you can write off gifts given to staff for special occasions – weddings, a new baby, the holidays. Beware, though, that if you give them gift cards or “near-cash gifts,” those are taxable as income, whereas gift items e.g. an Engraved Vase with flowers, are not. Gifts for clients are deductible, too. Anything you buy for clients would be a write-off, and don’t forget to personalize the gifts to make them more treasured. You can also add your company branding so your company will be remembered as well...

 The picture to the left is of some stainless steel tap handles that have been permanently marked with high contrast lettering. This can also be used for high resolution marks for logos, bar-coding, identification and serialisation purposes, without damage to the substrate. Here at Badge Maker’s & Kelowna Engravers we also diamond-drag stainless steel. Diamond-drag engraving is usually used to remove the top colored coating to expose the bare metal underneath (gold if brass or silver if aluminum). If the material has a clear coating instead of colored, the engraved area can be oxidized to blacken it and provide a...

As Badge Maker’s & Kelowna Engravers manufacture their signage in-house which gives them the ability to maintain a high level of quality, offer great value and a fast turn around time. Our goal is to provide our clients and business owners with signage that will give them pride in their organisation. Click Here to see some example of the small scale signage we do.

Custom Die-cast Medallions and/or Medals are a great way to increase your name recognition of your company, your club or your association. It’s not only about the name recognition but about motivational stimulus for your employees, team mates, or business partners. Cast medals are my personal favorite because of their ability to make a statement, they are also bold, timeless, and durable, just like the cast Olympic medals. Want to check out a selection of medals in general click here or go to the contact button at the top right hand corner and send us an email with your questions.

Laser engraved ornaments are just an example of what we can do here at Badge Maker's & Kelowna Engravers in regards to wood engraving. We can mark and cut wood into all kinds of shapes and sizes. The most popular wood engraving we process are wood plaques and name badges, click here if you are interested in seeing more wood engraving. We would also like to wish all our customers Happy Holidays & a Prosperous New Year.