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What is your 2014 New Year's resolutions? Badge Maker's a & Kelowna Engravers has always strived to make the best product and provide it at an affordable price with speed to our customers here in the Okanagan.  Our New Year's Resolution is to continue to provide that same great service to all of our lovely customers.  With this resolution we are introducing a new and improved magnet for the back of our badges. Check it out on the back of your next badge!

 Name Badges or Name Tags are related to work, conferences and networking. They are usually very simple but yet very important for something so small.  They can instill confidence and a sense of belonging and can be a great promotional item for your business.  Let us know what you think of your name badge on our facebook page.

It is the 94th Peachland Fall Fair this year and the theme is “There is magic in the air” This event had the heart warming felling of an old fashion country fair, and maybe that is because it’s been on the go for 94 years, but it is also a good show case of changes in the engraving world from hand engraving with a chisel to mechanical engraving with a rotary or laser machine.  The advances in engraving have done more than just speed up the job, it’s open the door to more creativity and multiple repeatable creations.  It was a pleasure to work with the old and new awards of the 94th Peachland Fall Fair.    

A moment in the spot light. Alex owner of Kelowna Engravers got the pleasure of meeting Mike Roberts and sharing a small portion of his business to the whole of Okanagan through the CHBC News.  Kelowna Engravers presented a plaque to the search and rescue team for all their hard work and efforts in helping our citizens of the Okanagan.  Thank you.     

Buttons, Buttons, Buttons.  We love manufacturing buttons at Kelowna Engravers.  We make them in house, none of this made in chine stuff, Proudly Canadian Made. Because we make them locally, it’s a short turnaround time and no expensive shipping charges.  Check out our Button link under our Product tab for sizes and more information.

We are proud to support our community with the Good News Bears name badges and other support.  These cute little bears have helped fund millions of dollars for the food bank over the years.  We are happy to help our community not only with the Global Okanagan Good News Bears but all year round with many community projects.

 We have put up a new sign for our customers to locate us with ease.  Signage is one of those import things to have, it helps with branding and image. It's also good for your costumers to find their way around your company or building without them getting lost.   

Logos look great with gradation and shadowing but when it comes to printing or engraving a logo in monotones it becomes harder to keep the image looking good.  This can be a very time consuming task that one does not realize when dealing with graphics or logos.  Please see picture for example.

This outdoor commemorative plaque was created for the opening of Stuart Park here in Kelowna at the BC Spirit Squares.  This plaque was manufactured on stainless steel with weather resistant text and images.  

Here are a few custom lapel pins that Badge Maker’s & Kelowna Engravers has done for the people who live in the city of Kelowna. Our graphic design art has done a great job at achieving the customer’s needs. Lapel pins are a great way to represent your organization, membership or as a symbol of your achievements.