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Badge Maker's & Kelowna Engravers is proud to have our plaques displayed by two  public art sculptures by artist Braden Kiefiuk. The mule deer that is placed in front of Argus Properties and the other in front of the grizzly bear sculpture at the Hotel Eldorado. For more about these sculptures check out this link or for more plaque ideas click here.

For Residential apartment mailboxes to company lockers, identifying your mailbox or locker is an important task. You can order custom size, colour and text for your specific needs right here with Badge Maker's and Kelowna Engravers. 

Badge Maker's and Kelowna Engravers did a Personalized Vase Give Away at the end of August 2015. The winner was Denise the Volunteer-Coordinator at theCanadian Mental Health Association, we were very happy to fulfil Denise's request to put the Logo of the business she works at on the vase. For more details on similar stories or products, check us out on facebook.

Using the year book pictures for the name tags at a Reunion is a unique and nostalgic way of sparking conversation and recalling the good old times.  This idea can also be done on a button style as well. Some helpful tips for making a successful name tag for a reunion are:  The name tag should be large and in a distinct colour so it stands out. Make sure you use a readable font, so people can see it from a distance and it's highly recommend to have a yearbook picture on the name tag. We at Badge Maker's & Kelowna Engravers hope you found this helpful.

A memorial wall is a wall typically engraved to commemorate deceased people that have passed ways from the same thing. Someone's passing can be a very sad time in one's life and it's important to have a place to show your loved ones that you still care. And it's important for the people that are still alive to have a place to go to and pay their respects to and more importantly a place to remember the good times and to feel at peace. The photo was taken in Lake Country and the engraving work done by Kelowna Engravers. Please contact us if you are wanting more information on engraving for memorial walls.

With our colour rich sublimation system we can provide affordable, unique, custom medals for your event.  We also provide custom cast medals, that come in a variety of finishes, colour fills, 3-D sculpting, and cut outs. Awards are a great honor and can provide motivation for the recipient and for non recipients. To view more medal images click here. Interesting Fact: An artist who creates medals or medallions is called a medalist.

Putting your best towards something and accomplishing it is so rewarding. And for some people there is no better way than to recognize that accomplishment than an over sized trophy sitting on your mantel! When you see someone's trophy you instantly know that they have achieved something great in that field and for children it's even more rewarding for them when they receive recognition for their achievements. For more Trophy ideas click on Trophies.

Spring is here, love is in the air and brides are madly planning for their upcoming weddings.  Here at Badge Maker's & Kelowna Engravers we have spent many years helping with engraving for not only wedding favours but gifts for the families and wedding parties.  Personalised wedding favours are an excellent way to ensure that the gift you give your guests at your wedding will always remind them of your special day and the time you spent together. And even more amazing is to individually personalize each wedding favour with each guest's names or initials to make your wedding gift truly unique and memorable. 

Last month I found out the official world for boards that have chesses and meats presented on them, it's called a Charcuteries board. This sounds more appetising than a bread board, cheese board, or cutting board, which by the way we engrave on all of those, but Badge Maker's & Kelowna Engravers got to have some fun engraving some personalise Charcuterie Boards for Pilgrim & Pearl.  The wood Pilgrim & Pearl had made into Charcuteries Boards had some great character to them and with the combination of the engraving turned out amazing. 

Lamacoids, Valve Tags, Data Plates, Pipe Markings and Serial Number Tags are used for identification, traceability and safety.  These industrial markings can come in a wide range of materials, for example acrylic, stainless steel, brass and more. We can custom cut and build all types of laser engraved panels, fitting all types of switches, gauges and pushbutton enclosures. We can also engrave your company logo on it. If you are interested in checking out more Industrial Markings click HERE.